Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to register?

You will need a Twitter account (which you can obtain free of charge by clicking here) and an existing instant messaging account with either Google@Talk or
If you do not have an instant messaging account, follow these links for more information.
Visit GoogleTalk

Do I need to give my Twitter password?

No you don't! We use OAuth limited credentials feature for clients and gateways, therefore password is not required to control your Twitter account using tweet.IM. Moreover, tweet.IM is using secure communication throughout the website and stores any data in a secure database. You are safe.

I’m new to Twitter. How do I find out more?

If you have read the information on the ‘about’ page of this web site and would like further information, we recommend that you visit the Twitter home page by following the link below. Useful information about the development and evolution of Twitter is available on
Visit Twitter
Visit Wikipedia

How do I control my Twitter through tweet.IM?

Just type your Twitter message to or and it will appear in your timeline. Type a single keyword help to see more commands. Current commands include:
@username message      — Public reply/send a message to this person.
d username message — Sends a direct message to this person.
f username — Follow this person.
u username — Unfollow this person.
p username — Show profile of this person.
fav username — Favorite the latest status of this person.
ers — Show the followers list.
ing — Show the followings list.
ss — Show saved searches.
sd search_name — Delete saved search.
sa query — Save a search query.
undo — Delete last status/direct message.
xhtml on/off — Enable or disable XHTML formatting.
ts — Show your current tweet mode: on, off or auto.
update — Manually fetch tweets.
q — Show your messages delayed for further delivery.
st — Show your current message type.
t chat/normal/headline — Set message type.
tl username — Show the latest timeline of this person.
tm mode — Set tweet mode where mode is:
on — always receive tweets;
off — never receive tweets;
auto — receive tweets depending on your current status.

How do I remove tweet.IM from my Twitter?

Just delete the contact from your instant messenger contact list, or use the sign out form.
Sign out from tweet.IM

What if I change the password for my Twitter account?

Just re-register with tweet.IM and everything will work as usual.

I get "ERROR! Remote XMPP server (domain) unavailable." error, what to do?

If you use Google Apps and Google Talk account with your own domain, make sure you have set the SRV records in your domain DNS management according to this Google Apps Help article.

Is this service really free of charge?

Yes! ProcessOne currently offers this service free of charge. Our aim is to demonstrate one of the many innovative uses of instant messaging applications.

Can I communicate with Twitter using my own XMPP server?

Yes! If you are using ejabberd, check the IMgateways available from ProcessOne at the IMstore. IMgateways make it possible for you to communicate with users of different instant messaging networks – including Twitter!
Learn more about IMgateways
Go to IMstore

More questions?

Consult the tweet.IM discussion board